The Mutant Chronicles

{mosimage}Welcome to the year 2707. Forget about civilization as we know it. This is about surviving the mutant invasion!

Visually, the movie is certainly shocking. From the first scenes in the trenches, you can smell all around an atmosphere very steam punk, where and old aesthetic gets mixed with the future time. Some people will find it weird and some people will love it, but well, remember that this is a sci-fiction movie based on role games, so it does not necessarily need to be much realistic with how the future could be in seven centuries, although the mix of I World War equipment, mutants and high technology can turn dizzy to more than one watcher.

Ron Perlman makes a more than decent role, although the undisputed star of the film is the tough soldier Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane). What was a bit surprise for me is the short intervention of Jon Malkovich, who appears in the cover of the DVD (obviously just to hook a few more watchers expecting a bigger role from him). The quest through the destruction of the machine that is turning humankind into mutants has some good moments, but in the end it does not make me feel new sensations.

Honestly, I was expecting a bit more from the movie when I read the plot and watched the pictures. The mutants seem to be a copy of the zombies of 28 days later, and the members of the team that has the task of saving the world are falling so quickly one after another that there is not even time to develop a higher degree of relations among them.Not a bad science fiction movie, but it could have been better with a little more “spicy” plot and risky storytelling.

Rating 3/5.


{mosimage}The best:  the magnetic Devon Aoki holding again a deadly sword.

The worst: Jon Malkovich appears for less than 5 minutes on screen.

The detail: The movie is based on a pen and paper role game.