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The Scourger – Dark Invitation to Armaggedon

{mosimage}The Finnish metal band The Scourger offers you 11 tracks of ferocious trash metal ready to rip your head clean off. 


Finland is better known for their gothic and power metal bands, but there is space for a wide range in the healthy Finnish metal scene. A good proof is the new work of The Scourger: Dark Invitation to Armaggedon, that turns to be one of the best surprises in European thrash music scene during the last months.

Jari Hurskainen (former Gandalf singer) is powerful and hammering in the vocals, and the good lyrics are supported by the crazy drumming of Seppo Tarvainen. This is their second studio album, and the first single: Never Bury the Hatchet, has worked very well in the Finnish charts. After having toured in 2007 with Impaled Nazarene and having appeared in the soundtrack of the Finnish movie V2: Frozen Angel, the band faces new challenges as their appearance in the Finnish Metal Expo in February, an excellent event to take the pulse of the Finnish metal industry.

A special mention for the excellent cover artwork by Joe Petagno, an internationally well known cover designer who has done previous stuff for people like Motörhead, Alice Cooper or Pink Floyd. A work that linking the concepts of the Armageddon and the devil turns, from my humble point of view, into one of the best metal covers that I have ever seen. A classy touch and stylish design for the Finnish guys ´album, that becomes an excellent and mature introduction for a work that confirms them as the freshest and most powerful alternative in the Finnish trash metal scene. Let´s see what future brings them . If you like Trash, pretty recommendable. If not, better stick to other more classic Finnish metal bands.

Rate 4/5.

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