Those bastards rock!!!

If you like raw and pure rock & roll with guts, and you still do not know Los Bastardos Finlandeses, you are missing one of the hottest Finnish bands of the moment. Though counting with only 2 studio albums (they have just recently released the kicking Return of El Diablo), their members have a long career as musicians and overall, they have tones of attitude! We had the pleasure to make an interesting and funny interview with Olli “Don Osmo”, alma mater of the band, who explains everything about their philosophy of life or how is to play together with legendary American bands like Aerosmith or Motörhead.

For those readers who do not know much about the band yet, can you explain a bit the origins and how you all started to play together?

Well, we all have known each other for a long time, and played together a lot. One day, a few years ago after one studio session I suggested the guys “what if we play all my new stuff?” It worked fine and we started to do more stuff. And then suddenly our first album was ready! Kind of easy!

Why the option of choosing a Spanish name for the band?

Oh, we all love Spanish and Mexican things: music, sun, food, women- everything! We are true Bastardos…That is why we started to call us with our real name, and by the way, it is not only a name, it is a state of mind!

How is the response of the audience nowadays with the snow and the coldness, do they get numb with this winter cold or are you able to warm them up like if you give them some good shots of tequila?

We do our best. Songs like Houseful of Hooligans or White Knuckles don’t let the audience cold!


This second album, Return of El Diablo seems to continue the path started with the previous one My Name is El Muerte. Is there any significant change between both of them in the style or conception of the music?

No not really. We love our first album a lot, but I think that this second one shows up that we have been busy on the road. After playing live, the band feels much more compact. I think we have a good “swing” in our second album.

By the way, you keep with the tradition of naming every album after a member of the band. What would it happen when you release more albums than the number of members in Los Bastardos? Should you recruit more musicians to keep up with the tradition?

Hehehe, maybe, or we can name the sixth album simply “My name is el Muerte vol 2

You have been around in music business for many years. Have many things change in Finnish music industry, or basically does all remain the same?

Everything has changed a lot, but the essence is still that business men get rich and guitar men get only famous…. In Finland it’s really difficult to live with r&r, that’s why we are going to Mexico too

Any particular occasion you really behaved like a “bastardo” on or off the stage?

…both on and off the stage… You should jump in our bus some day and spent some time with us! Don’t take your camera with you!

{mosimage}There are quite many venues and summer festivals in Finland for rock or metal bands, but is it difficult to break the boundaries of playing just for Finnish audience and get to be known internationally?

Yes, we work hard to go out of Finland. I’m sure you will be able to see us up in some European festivals soon.

In the last years you have opened concerts for legendary bands like Aerosmith or Motörhead. How was the experience? Did you get to know them personally?

Yes, we did tours with those guys. It was really great! Yeah, we got to know them and maybe we can meet again in the future. Those bands are truly great and we were lucky to get a chance to tour with them.

I know you are nowadays playing quite intensively around Finland, but what are the plans for the incoming 2009? Any special surprise?

Yes, actually we are working on some nice surprises, but I cannot say more for the moment.

Anything you want to add for the readers of FREE! Magazine?

Hell yeah, come to see our show and get our latest album Return of el Diablo! You will not be disappointed!

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