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Tropa de Elite

{mosimage}After the success of City of God, it is again time to discover the intrinsic situation in the favelas of Brazil


I certainly loved City of God and I was again able to enjoy a good piece of cinema with this movie directed by Jose Padilha.


Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Tropa de Elite portrays very well the real situation suffered in any favela of Brazil day after day. The differences between the educated class and the poor class, the corruption in the police department led by the low wages, and the silliness of responding violence with more violence by BOPE, the elite police group depicted here.


Wagner Moura is just simply superb as Captain Nascimento, he is able to build up a really plausible character, strong, fierce but weak and tormented at the same time. But the rest of the cast does not disappoint either. The script is intelligent, the rhythm keeps on going, the production is clever and the feeling of realism is always present.


A very entertaining movie with also a good deal of stuff to analyze for the viewers about morality and discrimination of social classes. Let’s hope that in the future Brazil continues giving us excellent movies, but with a more positive message extrapolated to a change in the harsh reality suffered there.


Rating 5/5


{mosimage}The best: Wagner Moura as Captain Nascimento gives an astonishing performance.


The worst: that sadly, most of what is portrayed in the movie really happens in the streets of Brazil every day.


The detail: Many pirate copies of the movie were leaked before its theatrical release, even though, it was the most watched Brazilian movie during the last year.

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