45 Degree Woman – Revival

{mosimage}The lovers of the Spanish speaking mysterious woman are back with another superb studio album!

Since I saw them live at Tuska festival in Helsinki a couple of years ago, I am totally convinced that 45 Degree Woman is one of the best hard rock/metal bands in Finland. They have everything to succeed: a great vocalist, good feeling on stage and union and connection among them and also with the audience. For all the reasons mentioned above, it is also a pity that they do not seem to explode and cross the border between the mid-size venues and the secondary stages at summer festivals and doing something really big. Let´s see if with Revival things continue improving for them. Because what you have here is certainly another pearl of Finnish rock scene.

A great and polished production, guitars that sound raw but clean, the voice of Viman mastering every track of the album like if it would just be a cat playing with a plastic mouse, and really catchy songs. If I have to highlight one, I got especially fond of Close to me, but basically every one of the 10 tracks that compose Revival is good enough to be a single by itself.

You can enjoy also at our home site an exclusive interview with vocalist Miko Viman where he tells more things about the new album and the plans for the band. I honestly hope that they won´t only bright at Finnish festivals next summer, but also start to find their own space abroad, because they deserve it!

Rating 4/5.