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The Wildhearts – 3 gigs in Finland

British rock band The Wildhearts will come back to Finland to play 3 gigs in December, after the release of their new album Chutzpah!

09.12.2009 Tampere, Klubi
10.12.2009 Helsinki, Nosturi
12.12.2009 Joensuu, Karjalatalon Kellari

Cinema DVD

Gran Torino

I must admit that together with Wes Anderson and a couple more of directors, the old “Dirty Harry” has always been one of my favorite American directors and actors.

What you are going to find here in Gran Torino is essentially a production 100% Clint Eastwood, reminding me of his great masterpiece Unforgiven. He is once more superb in his role of bitter war veteran with a dark past, and in both movies, although the later was a western and this is located in an American suburb invaded by immigrants, have many points in common, as for example the feeling of revenge after the abuse of a woman by a gang.

I know that many spectators would have enjoyed more another final with Eastwood applying his own justice, but the end of Gran Torino is even more amazing as an act of redemption. All along the movie, the great topics are touched: life and death, but between those two, there are many layers to discover in this incredible and prodigious onion; greediness and lack of communication with the sons, racism, religion, redemption, friendship, integration… Eastwood is able to create a cocktail with all this without losing the essence of his cinema, and obviously, in the end, the final is bittersweet, same than life itself.

If you like Eastwood´s movies and you still have not seen Gran Torino, run for it! Another great masterpiece to add to his collection of great titles like Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven… Mr Eastwood, like the good wines, knows how to taste better and better with the pass of time.

Rating 5/5

{mosimage}The best: The final with Eastwood staring at the house of the criminal gang

The worst: that we are not going to have the chance to see Eastwood in front of the camera much more.

The detail: the same Gran Torino car that appears in the movie was used in the 70s series Starsky & Hutch.

Trailer of Gran Torino

Books Features

Alexander Stubb – The Naked Truth

Alexander Stubb is a Finnish politician and Minister of Foreign Affairs since April 2008. Before that, he lived and worked in Brussels as a member of the European Parliament. What you find in this book, The Naked Truth, is a collection of his columns for Blue Wings, Finnair’s in-flight magazine. Good and funny reflections about what is to be a Finnish politician in the current Europe!

Alexander Stubb

The book “per se” is totally recommended for the foreigners living in Finland just for the simple fact that WSOY, the publishing company, has had the great idea to publish a version in both English and Finnish; an excellent exercise for some of you who want to practice Finnish and read something interesting at the same time.

Although I do not know Alexander personally, it is easy to imagine him as the stereotypical young and cosmopolitan successful Finnish politician, with his Nokia Communicator and his laptop working with no rest while jumping around the European airports, between Brussels and Helsinki.


All over his 19 chapters, divided for every one of the columns, written as a kind of blog entry, there is space for about everything: the Finnish and European stereotypes, remarks about how is the every day work at the European Parliament, of comments about his personal hobbies like running marathons or trying triathlons.

It is interesting to see Stubb’s youthful and plain style when explaining things. He does not get lost in much rhetoric and explain things in an easy way for everybody to understand, connecting with the current reality, so you can really feel that he is “one more citizen” who enjoys the same than any other normal person in Finland, rock music, sports, etc… But sometimes, getting to know how Finnish are, a mixture of shyness and pride, you can feel how the protective ideas about everything that is Finnish being as good or better than the products from abroad are still present there.

In any case, the book is very entertaining and useful. Same than Finnish are always curious to catch a glimpse of their country through the eyes of the foreigners, it is also nice to see how Europe is seen through the eyes of a young European politician. I actually miss that the chapters are not a bit longer, and I also do not understand why their order has been altered between the English and the Finnish version. All in all, easy to read, and have to thank Alexander that he has focused more on a light view of life instead of on boring political speeches. But I have a complaint to make. In the last paragraph of the book, he promises to answer personally to every email sent to him. I tried to contact him in order to get some comments for this article… and I am still waiting. So hope you read this and get to contact me Alexander! A promise from a Finnish politician is… still a promise!

Cinema DVD

Bottle Shock

{mosimage}Love, the eternal rivalry between USA and France…and overall many litres of good wine in this movie based on true events!


As a good Spaniard, I am quite a follower of the wine culture, not an expert, but from time to time I enjoy a bottle of good red wine. So obviously, the plot of this Bottle Shock was promising, with those amazing views of sunny vineyards around California. But the taste that the movie left in my mouth was not graceful at all. Big names and great actors like Alan Rickman or Bill Pullman seem to be wasted in the movie (especially Rickman who does not count with as many minutes on screen as he deserves). The story is more focused around the young friends Gustavo and Bo, and the irruption in their lives of Sam, a sexy female new worker studying the secrets of making wine as intern. But even the love story is twisted. Why the twist in the story, leaving Gustavo? It looks like the old prejudices of Hollywood for presenting multiracial couples are still far from gone.


In the end, you do not learn much about making wine, neither have you felt identified with the characters, and the result is predictable. A pity, because it could have been shaped into a much more interesting movie with a bit more of imagination and better direction.


Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: Alan Rickman in the few minutes he is on screen.

The worst: Why the character of Gustavo gets ignored in most of the second half of the movie?  

The detail: The main events related in the movie are

Cinema DVD

The International

{mosimage}An intriguing thriller that will discover the dark secrets of international banking.


I must say that I did not have high expectations for this movie, but I was gladly surprised by an intelligent plot that will keep you hooked to the story until the end. Naomi Watts and overall, Clive Owen, show once more that they can act, apart from just being pretty faces. Ok, it is true that some action scenes like the shooting in the Guggenheim museum, go a bit over the top, but even those scenes have a certain realism and dark humor that fit perfectly with the story.


I also enjoy that in the end there is not the typical moral lesson to learn that appears in most Hollywood movies, and although it is basically an entertaining product, it makes you also reflect about the covered powers that rule the world in the darkness. When there is such a social awareness nowadays to international summits or every time that the FMI gathers together in any part of the world, obviously there is something deep rotten in our society.


A good movie, worthy to watch if you like suspense and smart thrillers spiced with intelligent dialogues here and there.


Rating 4/5


{mosimage}The best: the sharp dialogues between Owen and Watss


The worst: that Naomi Watts could have had a bigger part with his role than just been a mere support for Owen in most parts of the movie.


The detail: Jonas Skarssen speaks Danish with his family in the scenes at home.

Albums Music

Paramore – Brand New Eyes

{mosimage}After the huge success of their previous work, Riot! Here comes the current favorite band of the Emo boys and girls again!


Some years ago, Paramore would have just been catalogued as another young promising American pop-rock band, but it looks like during last year they have really exploded (maybe it had something to do the inclusion of Decode, the last bonus track of this album, in the soundtrack of the infamous film Twilight).  So far they have managed to tour around the world headlining, which is a great breakthrough.


What we have here is an album with good and bad sides. One cannot ignore the development (in vocal skills and physically, the girl is becoming a real “hottie icon” for the masses) of the red-haired Hayley Williams. She masters the tempo of the album, screaming when she has to scream and going softer when it is about time to light the candles and lighters for a romantic time. In some ways, Paramore can remind you a bit of previous bands like No Doubt, where the dominating presence of the female vocalist is predominant all over.  There are good tracks around the album like Ignorance, the great Playing God or the lovely ballad The Only Exception, but some other songs turn to be a bit boring, like for example Turn it off.


It seems that the band wanted to make everybody happy, both the more hardcore punkers and the emo female teenagers eager to imagine themselves in the middle of the forest surrounded by fairytales like Bella and Edward in Twilight, and in the end the final product is a little bit too much soft and insipid. Not a bad effort though, but it would be nice to see Paramore in a few years when they really create what they want to create without mainstream pressures.

“Brand New Eyes” track listing
# Title Composer Length iTunes
1 Careful Hayley Williams and Josh Farro 3:50 Download from Amazon
2 Ignorance Hayley Williams and Josh Farro 3:38 Download from Amazon
3 Playing God Williams, Farro, Taylor York 3:02 Download from Amazon
4 Brick by Boring Brick Hayley Williams and Josh Farro 4:13 Download from Amazon


Rating 3/5

Cinema DVD


{mosimage}A movie where fantasy and reality gets mixed until converging in a shocking final climax! 


I had not idea what to expect before watching Flanklyn, so during the first minutes, as I supposed that happened to many of the watchers, I felt a bit disoriented. Was I watching a version of Roschard in a sci-fic movie, or was I watching a romantic comedy, or what? 

But wisely, director Gerald McMorrow, being this only his second long featured movie, knows how to put all the pieces together. Step by Step, you start to realize what is going on during the movie, and certainly it is intelligently built. I just got a bit disappointed with the end, which left me a bit cold. As well, some of the appearances of Eva Green can be a bit annoying.

But although not a masterpiece, certainly Franklyn is something fresh and out of the common movies you can rent in your local video store. It is worth a try, because surely it will not leave you indifferent. 

Rating 3/5 


{mosimage}The best: Bernard Hill and his quest trying to find his son.

The worst: Some of the characters can seem to be too much stereotypical.

The detail: Many people do not realize until the end that Eva Green plays also the role of Sally.

Cinema DVD

Role Models

{mosimage}This comedy is not made by Seth Rogen, but if you like his kind of humor, certainly you will enjoy this one! 

Seth Rogen has brought to Hollywood the “nerdy” side of teenage humor. If American Pie opened fire with a more mischievous and sexual approach, Rogen has been the master during the last years to explode the humoristic sides of the topics that influence the young generations nowadays: videogames, porn movies, smoking joints… although in the end all this converged towards a moral lesson of keeping your real friends closed. 

Although Rogen is not involved in this one directly, friendship is once again the milestone here, the friendship of two adults, Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, with two children who need a real male adult that can understand them and cope with their anxieties.  

It must be because most of my friends are role fans, or because I am myself a Kiss fan, but I certainly enjoy this movie. It is funny, intelligent, a bit provocative but still watchable for all kind of audiences, and entertaining. You cannot ask much more than that. Both Rudd and William Scott make more than a decent job, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse shows once more that there is no better actor in Hollywood nowadays for roles that have to do with a teenage nerd with low social skills. 

Well written and well acted. It is nice that among all the bunch of bad comedies that invade us every month, we can still have a couple of good laughs with some intelligent humor. 

Rating 3/5 

{mosimage}The best: The characters dressed like Kiss for the final battle

The worst: that unfortunately there are young kids using the same kind of bad language as Ronnie does.

The detail: Paul Rudd is also one of the co-writers of the movie.

Albums Music

Muse – The Resistance

The magicians from Devonshire are back with their fifth and most ambitious studio album so far! 

With a lot of effort and overall talent in 15 years of career,, Muse has gained its actual status as one of the super bands in the general rock scene nowadays. So obviously, many gazes were concentrated at what they could offer with this new studio album, The Resistance, after 3 years of silence.


And what you find here is a little masterpiece. Bellamy and his fellows offers a bit of everything to the fans, since the visible wink and homage to Queen in United States of Eurasia, to the great orchestration of Exogenesis, the last song divided in 3 parts, or instant classic rock tunes like the amazing Resistance, this is a delicatessen for your ears. Experimentation and mainstream hold hands together here. The English trio has done it once more, been able to demonstrate that they are one of the most exciting rock bands left in the world. A must have! 

Rating 5/5

“The Resistance” track listing
# Title Composer Length Amazon links
1 Uprising Matthew Bellamy 3:50 Download Uprising
2 Ignorance Hayley Williams and Josh Farro 3:38 Download from Amazon
3 Playing God Williams, Farro, Taylor York 3:02 Download from Amazon
4 Brick by Boring Brick Hayley Williams and Josh Farro 4:13 Download from Amazon
Features Music

Estonia can also rock!

For most of the people in Finland, talking about Estonia has to do with cheap booze, fun in the ferries, a short week end to escape from the routine in a spa-hotel or the similarities and differences between both languages. But since the country regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, a lot of things have changed. Many young promoters, producers and artists are working hard to emulate the success of Finland and bring Estonian music to a new level. Will they succeed?

Tanel Padar is probably the most famous musician in Estonia, after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001. He is also a usual visitor in Finland, with his band The Sun, having played last year in some big venues like in Q-Stock festival in Oulu.  He is even represented in Finland by some of the biggest promotion companies like LiveNation and ProPromotion. But even being the biggest artist in Estonia, the same than for many other Estonian artists and bands, he has not had yet a big international breakthrough.  Why is that? It seems to be the million dollar question in the Estonian music scene.

Young audience at Rabarock

For Juko-Mart Kõlar, project manager at Music Export Estonia (the equivalent of Music Export Finland in the Baltic state), the reason is that “there has not been a public support for music export activities. The roots of the idea of selling Estonian music abroad date back to the late 1990´s or the first years of the 21st century, while in Finland the free market economy and capitalist system has had its influence on the general way of thinking. Our whole system changed radically in the 1990´s and for our bands/musicians the transfer has been difficult.

Those difficulties show also in the figures, the total revenue in music business in Estonia in 2007 was about 120 million Euro, but in 2008, only 115 000 Euro of author´s revenues came from abroad. The best sellers outside Estonia are contemporary composers such as Arvo Pärt, Erkki-Sven Tüür and Veljo Tormis. Even the only Estonian magazine specialized in music, „Muusika“dedicates most of their pages to classical and folk Estonian music, with ocassional articles on other genres.

But there have been a few young Estonian artists in pop, rock and metal genres that did not have the patient to wait and see the change from inside, and emigrated to gain success in other countries. One of those is Kerli, who went to USA just being 18, and has built a brilliant career so far with the great success of her latest album “Love is Dead”, although almost nobody believed in her in her native country when she took such a drastic decision: “In a strange way I always knew what I had to do and almost never felt homesick or anything. I was on a mission“ tells Kerli.

Other young Estonian pop band that gained a great success in countries like Germany or Switzerland (they even represented the later in Eurovision song contest in 2005) is Vanilla Ninja. As Piret and Lenna, two of the components of the band, explain us “you need to have good connections and we were very lucky as we had one guy who was working with one Estonian band and we started talking and then we had the chance to go to Germany, but it does not happen really often.

According to “Uncle Bella”, a legendary punk rocker and Estonian DJ, the problem is not only about the resources “I think that it is not much about the money or the promotion, although of course they count. It is more a problem of the attitude of the bands that feel comfortable inside Estonia and do not want to risk going abroad.

But in general most of the people involved with Estonian music business think that the key has to do with infrastructure and a better training: “There is still lack of co-ordination and co-operation between management, promoters and concert organizations. I think one of the first steps would be training music managers, because there are only 10-20 professional bands in Estonia that have managers to negotiate with. Also professional producers and promoters are needed.” explains Juko-Mart Kõlar.

That view is agreed by Ivo Kiviorg, who has been linked with Estonian music for more than a decade as journalist and promoter “Infrastructure for music business, we're still missing that part. We've got great bands, but still no good agents, managers etc. This takes time.

Ivo is also the press coordinator of Rabarock, the biggest rock festival in Estonia that is celebrated every summer in the small central town of Järvakandi. I assisted myself this summer, curious to compare it to Finnish festivals like Provinssirock, Tuska or Ruisrock; the musical offer was pretty good, with some big international names like The Wildhearts, Gary Numan or Anthrax getting perfectly complemented by the excellent list of native Estonian bands. The environment was relaxed, the food and drinks good and cheap… and of course the best is that you do not have to suffer the annoying “restricted drinking areas” like in the Finnish festivals.

Rabarock 2009

Another recommended festival for people who prefer more alternative and indie music is Plink Plonk in Tartu.  Also recently the same organizers acquired a space in the centre of Tartu that has been converted into a club offering something fresh for the masses. As Mart Simisker, one of the persons behind the organization explains “this is something very unique in Tartu, there are other venues but before there was nothing like this, where you can listen to new bands as well as some quality indie artists. We wanted to give the chance to the audience to discover new talent, keeping it fresh and with low prices for the tickets and the drinks.

Rock Cafe is another interesting new venue opened during the last years in the Estonian capital that offers one of the most interesting offers for live rock and metal music in a club. Located in the second floor of the old Cellulose factory, very near the Tallinn bus station, has been able to manage a good reputation from the start. As an example, this summer bands like Morcheeba, Sepultura, Obituary or Mr.Big were playing on its stage.

And certainly, things have changed a lot from the musically repressive Soviet times in Estonia. During the last years, top artists like Depeche Mode, Aerosmith, The Scorpions, Enrique Iglesias or Metallica have visited Estonian soil during their worldwide tours. The cherry on top of the cake will come with Madonna´s concert in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, the 4th of August. If Madonna plays here, certainly Estonia must exist in the map!

Artists and promoters agree that with the new social networks like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc there is a new dimension to promote in an easier and wider way the Estonian music and artists. For example, Ivo Kiviorg is also involved in Rada „a rapidly developing interactive e-zine. Its online community consists of event organisers, artists, reporters, and of course, the fans. It is one of the leading sources for Estonian youth in regards to music, particularly alternative music.

Ivo puts into words the feeling that most of the people involved in music in Estonia has: “We have got many great bands to discover – find them!

The Finnish-Estonian connection

It's easier to stand out in the crowd because the crowd here is smaller“ says Indrek Talpsep, bass player of Stereo Chemistry, an Estonian band that has just released their debut album „Märka!“. StereoChemistry, same than Bedwetters, Maarja, Forgotten Sunrise or Chungin & The Strap-On Faggots belong to a new generation of bands and artists young but well prepared to pursue their musical dream. And among the incomers, there is a band receiving very well critics inside and outside Estonia: Popidiot.  

Popidiot are the Estonians Hendrik Luuk and Rein Fuks (who also has Sekssound records) and the Finnish Matti Juhani Peura. They represent very well the interconnection between Finnish and Estonian artists working together. Hendrik and Matti met while studying together in Tartu, and created an innovative band trying to bring some fresh air to the boring Estonian pop scene. Nowadays, they continue together even when Hendrik lives in Tartu, Rein in Tallinn and Matti in Helsinki.


They are not the first Estonian-Finnish mixed band. The Smilers, one of the most popular Estonian bands led by the charismatic Hendrik Sal-Saller, with songs so catchy and irreverent like “Jalgpall on Parem Kui Seks” (released in Finland in Finnish and English years ago) forged their career in the pubs of Finland during mid 90s before returning to their homeland ““Actually there wasn’t place in Finland where we did not play. Somehow I think that there was a problem because we did too many gigs at that time and people were a little bit bored at the end. One day maybe the audience was composed of only 6-7 people. It was quite hard work. And there were guys who did not want to do it in that way anymore. At the same time a friend from Estonia made an offer to make a record in Estonia so I just put the question on the table: “who wants to come with me to Estonia”. Some guys wanted and some guys not, at that time it was quite Finnish-Estonian band, now it is more Estonian-Finnish band.” says Sal-Saller. From that experience remains still in the band Finnish keyboard player Mikko Saira.

Kosmikud is another big name in Estonian rock, and some years ago they had a very friendly and productive collaboration with Kauko Röyhkä. Kömmari, their bass player (and one of the organizers of Rabarock festival) has Finnish-Russian roots and promotes the gigs of the band in Finland”, comments Hainz, their singer.

The interaction between both countries goes on and on. Bullfrog Brown, a young and skilful Estonian blues band, is a secure value every year in Blues festivals around Finland reciprocated by Finnish musician Alaska Kalanen, an usual visitor on Estonian stages, while Tavastia, the most legendary rock and metal club of Helsinki, suffered an invasion of Estonian bands a few months ago with names like Sinine, J.M.K.E., Röövel Ööbik or Forgotten Sunrise performing there.  In the end, there is just a small portion of sea separating both countries, but a lot of musical talent joining them.

Photos: Tarvet Kullmann

Kerli – Walking on Air Trailer

Cinema DVD

Lost City Raiders

{mosimage}Global warming has hit hard on the planet Earth, and most of the continents are under the water. But there is still hope recurring to treasure hunters to find a token of salvation. 


This must be one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Actually, I think the best it has is the cover of the DVD. The acting of James Brolin and his fellows is horrible, the special effects are cheap, the storyline had some potential but it goes worse and worse… Ok, it is a series B movie, but yet, if you are releasing a film on DVD and spending money on its promotion, then at least it is expected something better than a movie that you would not even watch during “siesta time” after lunch on Tuesday afternoon.

Resuming, just a ridiculousmovie; it tries to imitate the clichés of the adventure genre and in the end people will end up laughing at how cheap the final product turns to be.  Unless you enjoy criticizing with your friends the poor quality of movies while having a beer and eating chips at home, escape this one! 


Rating 1/5

{mosimage}The best: A couple of scenes in the bar.

The worst: that there is money spent on making these kind of movies with so much people having hunger on the Earth.

The detail: Many of you will remember James Brolin for his role at the TV series Hotel. Most likely will not remember him for this current role…

Cinema DVD


{mosimage}Based on the acclaimed book by Roberto Saviano, here comes a great adaptation that portrays with fidelity the dirty business of the Italian Camorra. 

Director Matteo Garrone makes an excellent work with this adaptation of Saviano´s best seller. I had read the book before watching the movie, and certainly, although I was a bit skeptic when I started it, I liked it a lot. Saviano is a great narrator and it is really a pity that the mafia has put a price for his head and must live in the darkness hiding. 

Garrone does not literally copy Saviano´s book. He does not follow the story of just one character, but composes a mosaic choosing stories here and there, so the spectator catches a good glimpse of the irrational behavior and rules that lead the Camorra. There is no flashy names in the cast, but every character looks and sounds authentic, and you can really feel immersed in the little and big battles of life in South Italy. 

Do not expect the plasticity and mysticism of The Godfather. What you have here is a raw account of the harsh reality that thousands of people have everyday in Italy, but magisterially portrayed. 

Rating 4/5 

{mosimage}The best: you really feel transported to the world Garrone wants to show us.

The worst: It can be too raw for sensitive hearts.

The detail: In the book, the dress for the Hollywood movie star was intended for Angelina Jolie. In the movie, they changed her for Scarlet Johansson. 

Cinema DVD


The most awaited comic adaptation finally released in DVD for the joy of millions of fans around the world!

Watchmen was maybe the most awaited movie of 2009. A graphical novel that seemed impossible to reproduce into the big screen some decades ago was finally adapted by the hand of Zack Snyder, whose previous project 300 (another comic adaptation) had placed him in the spotlight.


But Watchmen was a much more intrinsic project, due not only to its twisted and deep plot, but also that in this case he was not going to count with the help of the original author, Alan Moore, who is opposite to any kind of adaptation of his comics. And certainly Snyder approves with a high mark. Watchmen is intense, delightful, well executed and directed, and overall, entertaining. It is true that the off-voice can get on your nerves, it is true that it can turn into too twisted for some spectators who are not able to distinguish who superhero is who, but in general, all that goes behind a mix of great action sequences and an intelligent portray of the inner soul of every main character.

On top of that, the cast is sublime: Malin Akerman, Billy Cudrup, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley… are really into the skin of their characters.

Even when abusing of digital effects, or even living in overcrowded times of comic adaptations, Watchmen is still one of my favorite releases of the recent months. A glimpse of what cinema is about: a fantasy of dreams.

Rating 4/5

The best:  Malin Akerman in that tight leather dress…

The worst: Rorschach off-voice hammering in your head every few minutes.

The detail:  Same than in the graphic novel, the sentence “Who watches the watchmen” can never been fully seen in the scenes where appears painted around.

Watchmen Trailer

Antonio's blog Blogs

Looks like a foreigner… let´s stop him at the Finnish border again!

A few days ago, I woke up early after an exhausting week of hard work in Vantaa to catch the Eckero Line ferry at 8:00 that would bring me back to Estonia. During the last years, I have travelled by ferry dozens of times between Estonia and Finland, due to studies, works and personal relations. So I handled my ticket to the checker at the ferry terminal… and here we go again! A (I must say that at least she was polite) security woman leads me to one side to proceed to a “random” security check of my luggage. After passing my back bag three times through the scanner, she makes me open it to discover that the biggest threat there is my bottle opener that I carry together with my keys.

I am still wondering what they really wanted to find from a foreigner crossing the border early in the morning from Finland to Estonia. If I would like to smuggle something, certainly I would have more chances to other way around from Estonia. But the point is that for me, this is not an isolated case. In the recent years, this is the third time that has happened to me, and always on the Finnish side of the border. I have never had any problem with security forces in Estonia so far. But added to this fact I narrate, a couple of years ago, while coming to Finland by Viking Line being an exchange student in the Baltic neighbor, the policemen also stopped me twice to check my luggage with no apparent reason. The funniest thing is that when they stopped me, I was just trying not to crash in the corridor with the hordes of drunken people around. It must be that if you are not blonde and you are sober, you must be a dangerous terrorist. And it was even more curious that as far as I switched the conversational language to Finnish to explain that I have lived for a few years in Finland, they let me go without even opening my bag.

Finnish custom police

I am sure that the Finnish security forces carry on with an excellent job, but as a foreigner, I must confess that I never feel at ease near them in Finland. While in Spain I consider them like usually helpful, and in Estonia I just ignore their presence, every time they are close to me in Finland, I feel like if I would be their target and the red light of danger switches on in my head. And I think that my feeling is shared by a sector of Finland´s foreign population. If you get involved in a problem with Finnish people and police appears, be sure that in most of the cases you are going to take the worst of it.

I don´t know, maybe next time I cross the border and arrive to the Finnish ferry terminals, I must dye my hair blonde, drink 2 bottles of vodka, try to provoke a fight, swear in Finnish and carry a trolley with 4 boxes of 24 packs of beers. It is obvious that having black hair, brown eyes and reading peacefully a book during the trip is considered a clear threat to the national security by the Finnish forces…

Misc News

Rammstein back in Finland. Tickets sold out in 6 minutes!