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Absoluuttinen nollapiste – arkistokuvaa 1992-2008

{mosimage}Here you have a double DVD that involves their trips and music during 16 years.

Here you have a piece of Finnish history, bringing by the band´s drummer Tomi Krutsin and the vocalist-guitarist Tommi Liimatan together with Pauli Hokkanen. 5 hours and a half of a documentary that, from my humble opinion, turns to be a little bit boring.  First of all, if you do not understand Finnish, you will have a problem because there are no English subtitles. The members of the band act in great part of the documentary like any other annoying youngsters who just want to have fun, but it is interesting to see the band growing up, and fighting the real battlefields of the Finnish rock music scene: the little clubs, although I must confess that they music is not exactly my cup of tea.

Obviously, if you are a band´s fan, you are going to receive this with open arms. There are some interesting extras included like a collection of pictures taken all over 13 years by Tomi Palsa or the documentary Kymmenen vuoden yksinäisyys. But for others who could be interested in this out of curiosity, I basically recommend you to think it twice before making an investment; the more than 20 euro that the DVD costs maybe cannot pay off if you are not a hardcore fan.

Rating 2/5.

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