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And with the spring…the 3rd issue of FREE!

I still have the feeling that many people don´t know about the existance of FREE! Well, for those who are missing the fun, now it is about to know about us. And with the new cover in our 3rd issue, I am sure that loving it or hating it, it is going to create some impact, because it is definitely a catchy illustration (…and a catchy cover story, although I must say that I think we have treated the topic of sex with a lot of respect, although as well with sense of humour).

By the way, if you see any day a dark haired guy refilling one of the stands-teline of FREE! Magazine with newspapers, salutate me. We are not all day long sitting in front of our computers, quite the opposite. We, the editors, do a bit of everything.

I was a couple of hours ago in Bar Loose, one of my favourite places in Helsinki. Not only for the rock music, that is good, but also because it gives me a good vibe, it reminds me to a typical rock bar in Spain, and there are not many bars in Finland that can remind me to my homeland bars. The clients there go often, so at the end everybody knows everybody, and hours seem to pass by without noticing it. Today there was a concert by a band called Ceesar, where one of the waiters play, and actually they were quite good, I enjoyed the concert pretty much.

Some of you must have realized that FREE! is moving around, trying to spread our name. This month, we  appear with and ad in Clubland leaflet, and we will have a stand-teline in the Sexhibition, for all those who apart from "sexy time", would feel like having something to read in English. We were also last month in Tampere Film Festival, delivering copies and making some promotion. It was nice to assist, the quality of the projections is very high, and apart from that, I personally got impressed with the energy of Jonas Mekas, the 84 years old Lithuanian director. The man conserves all his lucidity and a great joy of life. It was 11:30 at night and he could appear in a club ordering some drinks  and chatting with audience, instead of being sleeping at his hotel room. Frankly impressive!

And some recomendations before ending up today. Last films I saw recently and enjoyed pretty much: Little Miss Sunshine and Capote (Seymour Hoffman is great in whatever role he plays. And if you still have not read In Cold Blood, I don´t know what you are waiting for…). In music, pay attention to the new Finnish band The Jade, I was positively delighted with the discovery. And please, be FREE! with us! Send us your pictures or your questions without answers in Tell me Why section for the next paper edition, sign our guestbook, or just simply write a couple of lines to but always remember (remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot…)  that this magazine is overall planned for your joy.

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