Apulanta – Eikä vieläkään ole edes ilta

{mosimage}Half a year after
Apulanta released their new studio album: Eikä vielä
kään ole edes ilta,
here comes a new double album in version digipak that includes a live concert
added to the studio version.

Great design
for this digipack version, with a second booklet where you can follow a diary
handwritten by the members of Apulanta. In the 15 songs of the live album you
can find all the ones that compose the studio album, although some of them with
a new approach, shorter and straighter to the point, trying to find a closer
contact with the audience. A contact that Apulanta usually achieves, being one
of the Finnish bands that keeps a better relation with their followers. The
connection with the fans is clear when you hear the live album, although
sometimes Toni’s vocals fail a bit, like in Karmaan Laina while other
times works pretty well like in the acoustic version of Koneeseen Kadonnut.

But the band
has enough experience to offer a good and consistent show that mixes perfectly the
raw punk rhythms of their beginnings with softer melodies. For those of you who
already bought the studio album, maybe there is not much point in pursuing this
new extended version, but for those who were not yet decided, and want to
discover Apulanta´s music, this is an excellent opportunity to experience their
direct melodies and honest attitude towards the audience. It comes indeed a bit
too soon after the release of the studio album.

Rating: 3/5

Toni and Sipe talk about Eikä vieläkään ole edes ilta.

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Toni: The greatest thing with this album… well, with Kiila, the eight
album, was the biggest commercial success, nobody expected to be so big, and
with this one the big surprise is that …we did not write the same album again.
Of course it sounds like Apulanta, but it s at same time very different. It is
like revitalizing shot you can take. And it is great punk.

Sipe: I like the most the opening song: Viisaus ei
asu meissä

Toni: I think that is the kick ass punk rock song. Sometimes when you
get it, you really know it, and well, when you write something, you really know
“hey this is good shit”, everything feels so right and it is great to make a
video for it. We went to Rovaniemi. We shot the video outside, in t shirts, and
it was freezing… Sipe was feeling it in the fingers for a couple of weeks. That
was a hardcore video! But it turned out absolutely great. Viisaus ei asu
is the best video after 16 years. I had not been so happy about a
video like with this one.

The first single: Koneseen pudonnut is a lot better in the album.
For me it does not work as a single, I don’t know why, it does not reflect the
feeling of the album.

When we decided the first single there were only 5 songs done. Sometimes
choosing the first single is something you have to do with a limited amount of
material. I think it does not represent the album well, but I cannot complain.
The track that ends the album, Ylijäämävalumaa
is my other favourite

Sipe: And one thing in Apulanta is that we try not to have “fillers”
tracks in the album.