Bauhaus – Go Away White

{mosimage}24 years after the release of their last album, the legendary British electronic band is back with a new record.

Recorded in California in just 18 days, Go Away White is the new work of Peter Murphy, David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins; a beautiful swansong, being announced as the last album performed by a band that wanted to pay homage to themselves. 

The album explores the rock side of the band, unusually power guitar riffs in songs like Too Much 21st Century or Adrenalin. But there is also space for those old famous keyboards in Undone or Eternal Summer of the Damned. Murphy´s voice works perfectly when screaming or just whispering, claiming the place of honor that had been taken in the last months by the rebirth in the media coverage of other bands like Joy Division.

Same than vampires are able to stand the pass of years, the band offers a mature record, full of fractured guitar and uneasy melodies that have nothing to miss from their music of two decades ago. Without big pretensions, Go Away White will surely satisfy the old fans that had already lost hope to see a new album of the band, and supposes as well an excellent chance for those who were not born yet when Murphy and company stepped on the stages in the 70s to discover the dark magic of their music.

Rating 4/5.