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Bee Movie

{mosimage}Discover the sophisticated style of life of bees inside a modern hive in this new animation movie.

Barry is a bee who wants to take all the juice to his life and not being a simple worker in the hive. During his excursion in the outside world, he will get in contact with humans and end up fighting for the universal rights of the bees to own the honey and all the copyrights related to them. This is the plot of Bee Movie, the last animation product from Dreamworks, the creators of Shrek. The voice cast counts with an incredible list of names such as Jerry Seinfeld, Renée Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, John Goodman or Kathy Bates.

Some sequences, like the hyper-fast flight of the bees around the park are totally breath-taking; it is incredible how animation technology has advance during the last years to create such a realistic and astonishing effects. There is also a couple of nice winks with the presence as animation characters of the special guests Sting and Ray Liotta. But the movie does not make you as addicted as Shrek. The characters lack of some “punch” and the jokes do not make you laugh so often. The directors wanted to create an animation movie that could cover at the same time comedy and serious aspects, but in the end they have lost ground with many other recent animation productions like Ratatouille, Meet the Robinsons or their own Shrek´s third part of the saga.

Not a bad effort though, and entertaining enough to watch in family, but not the best you can find in the extremely good animation movies scene of the last years.

Rating 3/5.

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