Black Bile – Great Ape Language

{mosimage}Sakara Records, the same company behind Mokoma, features the debut album of Black Bile.

Black Bile is the personal project of Henri Kuittinen, who is behind the vocals, guitar and programming in both the album and live. On stage, Kuittinen has other 4 musicians supporting his project. It has been produced by Janne Saksa, and we have to say that the record sounds compact, professional and fresh.  From the first introductory song Earth Will Rise, the drums push steadily from behind while Kuittinen´s vocals evolve you; a nice first step that gets perfectly backed up by the second song, Valerian, a little jewel with powerful riffs and astonishing beautiful lyrics.

There cannot be missed the typical melancholic Finnish feeling in lyrics like Light that Failed or Divorced with the World. It is a pity I could not check the band on live during Sinamore and Animal Alpha´s concert in Tampere few weeks ago, as it was supposedly to be scheduled, but for being the first studio album, Black Bile sounds like a project that can reach very high in future years, if Kuittinen is consistent and is able to find musicians that will work with him on a permanent basis.

Rating 4/5.