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Bloodpit on “comprehensive break”, cancels all gigs

‘Last Friday's gig at Sunset Beach Party, which lasted only two songs,
proved that the mental health of the members of the group is no longer
in condition required for touring,’ the band writes.

The decision for the long break was taken more precisely because of singer Matthau Mikojan’s substance abuse and mental problems.

'First and foremost everyone must be in control of their own lives, and
at the moment the band's vocalist's personal problems and his need to
mess or clear his mind with whatever substance happens to be at hand
both affect the actions of the entire group to excess,' the frank statement continues on Bloodpit's MySpace page.

Earlier during the week, Bloodpit had already cancelled all the rest of the week’s gigs in Finland ‘due to sudden illness’, announcing that more information would follow.

The band from Tampere had scheduled a European tour for late autumn, with dates in Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Austria, all of which now won’t take place.

The members of the group are unsure about Bloodpit‘s future. ‘We [will] return to the stage as a band once we, as a whole, are in a condition worthy of our audience. Should this never happen, we reckon that for us, this was it,’ says the statement.

Bloodpit have so far released two albums: Mental Circus (2005) and Off The Hook (2007). Last month (7 July) the group opened for Mötley Crüe at Helsinki’s Jäähalli (Ice Stadium).



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