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Maija Vilkkumaa – Ilta Savoyssa

After her big success with the last studio albums Ei and Se Ei Olekaan Niin, now Maija offers a special present to the fans with this
double album, Ilta Savoyssa (and not Ilta Savoyassa as appeared funnily
in some Internet music shop services) that registers her live performance in
Savoy Theater, Helsinki, during last March gigs.

The album starts with a funny intro, where with good sense of humour
we listen how the managers are looking for somebody to replace Maija since she
does not show up for the concert, and go to ask to…Maija faking being other
person who sings awfully.

Musically, the album consists of 22 tracks where Maija sings one after
another her greatest hits. The atmosphere for singing in Savoy is slightly
different from a summer festival, and Maija takes advantage to explode her most
intimate side in tracks like Mun Elämä or Ei. In general the tone
of the album sounds more pop oriented than usual, with a bit excessive orchestral
flourish accompanying Maija’s voice.

I must admit that I prefer
Maija when singing for wild audiences in student parties or festivals, and she
shows her rock and roll side, usually linked with a wilder behaviour on stage
that makes her connect deeply with her audience. Songs like Kristiina does not sound as powerful in this live album as they should be, but
nevertheless, Maija’s singing skills, with her soulful voice,
work well enough to delight our ears and it is exciting to hear once more
performing Satumaa Tango as a big end to the album.

A slightly different album that shows new features in Maija’s
repertoire. Recommended for those who are already fans. For the new ones, try to
approach the older albums first.

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