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Also DMX replacement gig cancelled

According to DMX’s management the hip-hopper still hasn’t gotten permission to leave the United States. He was stopped at the airport when he was about to travel to Finland for the kick-off of his European tour at the beginning of the month, apparently because he had failed to attend a court session involving driving without a licence.

The concert in Helsinki on the 2nd of August was cancelled only one day prior to the scheduled date, as was a performance at Pipefest in Vuokatti scheduled for the next day. This time, the Finnish concert organizer Speed Promotion & Agency was given four days to spread the news that the replacement gig in Helsinki won’t take place either.

Concert promoter Kalle Keskinen is furious. ‘Now it’s enough! Complete messing around! As far as we are concerned DMX can be in court and stay in Yankeeland for the rest of his life!,’ Keskinen rages in his press release, written in capitals and containing lots of exclamation marks.

‘I am sorry for all the DMX fans! And we, too, have wasted enough time and money on this case. I am sick and tired of it!,’ the angry concert promoter continues.

The management of the rapper has announced a video by DMX with explanations and apologies.

Keskinen: ‘Let’s see whether we will get any video […] here in Finland or if it, too, will stay at customs, in police custody or at passport control.

‘We won’t start this game with the gentleman in question for a third time any more however! Under no circumstances do we want to cause new disappointment to the fans, nor do we want to get disappointed ourselves!’


Ticket holders can get their money back at Lippupalvelu ticket offices.


Speed Promotion & Agency (in Finnish)


DMX gigs in Finland cancelled, European tour delayed

Misc News

Night of the Arts draws record crowd

The show by the acrobats from Melbourne who performed on top of 4-metre high flexible poles was the single most watched performance in the history of the Night of the Arts. According to the police, their first performance drew an audience of 20,000 people. Their second even managed to attract about 30,000 spectators.

Police taken by surprise
Taken by surprise by the huge number of people watching Strange Fruit's  performances, the police had to close off Mannerheimintie in front of the parliament building and trams had to be diverted. Long-distance bus traffic suffered delays.

The Night of the Arts is part of the yearly Helsinki Festival and was this year organized for the nineteenth time. In all, the 2008 edition of the Night boasted more than 200 different cultural happenings throughout the city.
This year, the event was held for the first time on Friday instead of Thursday.

The Helsinki Festival continues until the 2nd of September.

Helsinki Festival

Strange Fruit

Misc News

Registration OurVision 2008 has started

OurVision 2008 takes place during the spring of 2008. New this time is, that also musical talents from Northern America, Europe and Oceania may apply.

This year’s first edition of Caisa’s song contest was won by 25-year-old Samantha Marie José Sayegh, who originates from Lebanon.

On the Night of the Arts from 7 pm ‘till 8.30 pm, Caisa will host the Best of OurVision 2007 Concert, with highlights from the first edition of the popular contest.


International Cultural Centre Caisa
(Fennia block)
Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14

Night of the Arts (24 August 2007)

Misc News

New film distributor offering quality films

Metropol Cinema will start modestly, circulating only one copy of the film. The film (Finnish title: Ei minua kukaan rakasta; English: Not Here To Be Loved) will open on 28 September at a Finnkino cinema in Helsinki. The copy will later circulate through the rest of Finland.

The company will decide later how many different films to distribute on a yearly basis and whether to circulate more copies of each film.

Managing director of Metropol Cinema is Sam Kamras, whose family used to run Bio City, a seven hall cinema showing quality films in the centre of Helsinki. The theatre went bankrupt last year due to disappointing visitor numbers.


Misc News

Sunrise Avenue guitarist fired

Referring to the title of Sunrise Avenue’s album On the Way to
, Kärkkäinen said on Friday: ‘My trip to Wonderland has
unfortunately ended. Why things have gone this way, I unfortunately
don’t exactly know myself either. The decision wasn’t mine. I would
have been ready to give my all, if things wouldn’t have gone this way.’

Sunrise Avenue is planning to continue, but a new guitarist has not
been hired yet. The group’s gigs in Seinäjoki (5.10) and Helsinki
(6.10) will be moved to other dates which will be announced later. The
band will try to be ready with a new line-up in time for the European
tour in October and November.

Sunrise Avenue – official website
The band on MySpace


Misc News

Espoo Ciné starts tomorrow

Misc News

27th Helsinki City Marathon August 18th 2007

{mosimage}The marathon starts in the vicinity of the statue of the legendary
Paavo Nurmi. The finish line is at the Olympic Stadium. Twenty
refreshment points guarantee that runners are well taken care of.

participant will be given a fine medal, T shirt and  diploma. The
runners are also offered facilities for an exotic experience of Finnish
sauna, shower and swimmin pool at the Swimming Stadium near by.


Friday August 17th 2007

The race
office is open at the Olympic Stadium from
12am to 8pm

Marathon expo from 12am to

Saturday August 18th 2007

minimarathon for kids 5-13 years from 10am to

Marathon starts at 3 pm

The race
office is open at the Olympic Stadium from
8am to 9pm

For registration and more information

Art Exhibitions

Colours in a natural relation

{mosimage}Dan Beard is
a young British artist who works and lives in Tampere. A couple of months ago he had his
first solo show in Galleria Oma Huone, and now continues moving around the art
scene of Helsinki with this new current exhibition that brings his paintings to
Kanneltalo, the cultural centre in Kannelmäki, Helsinki.



There, you can see a total of 15 woks where
the colours sometimes get mixed and other times fight with each other, trying to
find their own space in the canvas. Sensual shapes appear as a final result on
some paintings that could even remind of the matrix of our existence: the
vagina. Some other times the colors adopt the form or a millenarian dragon but
most of the times they simply let you explore your own feelings when
contemplating his palette of bright blues, greens and yellows exploding in
front of your eyes. A risky conception of art that maybe will not satisfy the
most conservative viewers, but worthy to check nevertheless.

Together with Beard’s paintings, the
galleria exhibits the sculptures of Jussi Aulis, pieces of metal and
rusty tin composing human shapes that resemble strange warriors or even a
reminiscence of Don Quixote. It is fresh and pretty recommended.

Jussi Aulis' sculptures and Dan Beard’s
paintings in Kanneltalo Gallery, Helsinki (next to Kannelmäki railway
The exhibition will be open also during Helsinki
Night of Arts 24.8.07


Misc News

Director French version of Paasilinna film to visit Espoo

The leading role in the French film is played by Christopher Lambert, who is mostly known for his action roles. Unlike the Finnish version, co-written (with Paasilinna and Kullervo Kukkasjärvi) and directed by Risto Jarva, Le Lièvre de Vatanen (2006) is situated in Canada and was filmed in Bulgaria. In the film, the name of Vatanen is about the only link with Finland.

The drama will be shown at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola, Espoo, on 26 August. Rivière will introduce the film right before the screening. Also Paasilinna, whose books are very successful in France, will take part in the film’s presentation at the festival.

The French language film will be shown with English subtitles.


Le Lièvre de Vatanen (in French)

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival

Arto Paasilinna [Virtual Finland]

Misc News

Nightwish album leaked

The source of the leak has been traced to a French journalist. The person in question has been caught, but the damage has already been done.

‘It will surely affect record sales,’ according to Nelli Ahvenlahti , International Exploitation Manager at Spinefarm Records in a reaction to Iltalehti, the daily paper that first reported the story in Finland. ‘It has been made very easy [to download a pirate copy, D.B.] and the threshold is low.’

Large numbers of  pirate copies of Dark Passion Play have by now been downloaded, many thousands via one single Finnish web service alone.

It is not the first time Nuclear Blast has blundered with Nightwish material. Earlier this year, the release of “Eva“, Nightwish’s long-anticipated first single with new singer Anette Olzon, had to be put forward after it, too, had been leaked onto the internet via the German record company.


Nightwish announce first tour with Anette

Nightwish – official website
Nightwish on MySpace

Nuclear Blast

Spinefarm Records

Misc News

Sonata Arctica guitarist sacked

‘This matter, and everything that goes with it, caused a split between Jani and the other band members. This split was impossible to mend without Jani's help and co-operation,’ the statement continues.

Liimatainen was one of the founding members of Sonata Arctica (back then called Tricky Beans) in 1996. He had been absent from the line-up this spring and summer. During those periods Elias Viljanen filled in for him.

Liimainen was asked to leave the band already in May. His departure from the group was only announced publicly this week (6.8.2007) ‘to give Jani the chance to get his life together’, according to the statement

Elias Viljanen will now be a full and official member of the band. Earlier, he released two solo albums and played with metal bands Mess and Arched.

Sonata Arctica is currently one of the biggest names in the international metal scene and enjoys great popularity especially in South America and elsewhere in Europe and manages to play sold out arena concerts in bigger markets like the United States and Japan. After a short break, the band will head to North America for a tour through Mexico and the United States this autumn, which will be followed by a European tour at the end of the year. The group’s latest album, Unia, was released on 25 May.


A piece of Artic Metal Music
FREE! Magazine's interview with Sonata Arctica's Toni Kakko (vocals) and Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards)


Sonata Arctica – official website
Sonata Arctica on MySpace

Elias Viljanen – official website
Elias Viljanen on MySpace

Misc News

Blues legend “Honeyboy” Edwars to play in Tampere

In Tampere, Edwards will play at the Down Home Island festival in Viikinsaari. Other bands on the bill are Honey B and the T-Bones and Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III. The festival is organized on an island and there is transportation, by boat of course, from Laukontori. The show starts at 7pm. Tickets are 15 euro.

More information at Blues-Finland.  


Misc News

Many millions more to arts & culture -draft state budget

The long-desired Archive would contain material from both public broadcasting company YLE and other broadcasters and will most probably be connected to the Finnish Film Archive, according to Riita Kaivosoja, Director General at the Ministry of Education, responsible for culture politics, in Helsingin Sanomat (4.8.2007).

The Ministry is also willing to support digitalisation of Finnish cultural heritage by 2 million euro. Public libraries will have to make do with the same amount of state funding as in 2007: about 2.5 million euro. The Ministry rejected a request for a 2-million euro state subsidy for culture export.

In total, 209.6 million euro in the draft state budget is allocated to arts and culture. Another 205.1 million would come from the profits of state-owned lottery company Veikkaus.

The Government will decide on the draft budget in negotiations beginning on 30 August.







(Sources: Helsingin Sanomat, Finnish government, draft budget 2008 – Ministry of Finance

Misc News

Leningrad cancels Ankkarock, replaced by …part of the band

Spitfire was founded in the early nineties as a garage rock group but
later turned to a unique way of playing skapunk. The band from Saint Petersburg has played in
Finland numerous times and performs in both Russian and English.

Ankkarock is held this weekend (4 and 5 August) in Vantaa. Spitfire will play Saturday at 4 pm.

Spitfire – official website
Spitfire on MySpace

Leningrad (in Russian)


Misc News

DMX gigs in Finland cancelled

According to the hip-hopper’s management, DMX (real name: Earl Simmons)
was arrested at the airport passport control for failing to attend a
court session earlier this year and prevented from leaving the United
States until the case has been settled.

The court case involved driving without a driver’s licence, a minor offence, so it shouldn’t take much time to solve the matter, the management reassures.

A replacement concert at Kulttuuritalo will take place at the end of August. The exact date will be announced as soon as possible. 

Ticket holders who can’t (or don’t want to) attend the gig at Kulttuuritalo on the new date can have their tickets refunded at Lippupalvelu ticket offices.


Early on 3 August, the organizers of Pipefest in Vuokatti announced that American rapper Cassidy will take DMX's place the same day.  


DMX – official website
DMX on MySpace

Cassidy – official website
Cassidy on MySpace

Pipefest  (in Finnish only)