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Damn Seagulls – Hunting Season

{mosimage}If there is a band that definitely defines the trendy “Fullsteam” Finnish sound, that is Damn Seagulls. They come big and strong as the bears in the album cover.



I must confess that I never felt the urge to check on the sound of Damn Seagulls…until now. I thought that all the heat around them was a bit out of proportion, more like a well orchestrated marketing campaign. But I was wrong and this Hunting Season is a good proof of it. Since the first second I started to listen to it, I realized this guys really rock, (and my opinion was promptly backed up by my girlfriend who asserted from the other room that she liked that band I was listening…who am I to contradict her?)


Sarcasm out, the point is that the band sounds good, compact and with ideas. Maybe they do not count with the best singer in Finland, maybe the artwork of the CD is not the best you can watch at during the last months, but there is some kind of special magic in their compositions that get you hooked. Great lyrics like in Novus Ordo Mundi, Dead Pigeons  or Gone by the Dawn (my favorite one), for putting a few examples, will make you play the CD once and again.


Damn Seagulls have one more follower from now on. Pretty recommendable and enjoyable album!


Rating 4/5.

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