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Daniel keeps it underground

Daniel Palillo is one of the hottest Finnish designers in urban fashion. Although he exclaims that does not like to be categorized, paradoxically his designs are considered a real hype for the youngsters, especially in the capital Helsinki. Daniel (his name is Italian, the native country of his father) kindly answered some questions for FREE! Magazine after being back from a short stay in Latvia.

Hello Daniel. Thanks for dedicating us some of your time. So my first question would be: who is Daniel Palillo? How do you describe yourself in your own words?

Keeping it underground

Your name is not much Finnish at all, and if I am not wrong, your father is Italian. Do you keep any links with Italy, visiting there, etc? Does your temperament any of that “latino” influence, or is it 100% Finnish?

I don’t like categories.. But I go sometimes to Italy I have cousins there and I like  pizza.


 I have read that you consider your line of clothes in a kind of mix between gothic, metal and hip hop. It is music very inspirational for your designs? Do you follow those music genres; any favorite band?

Music is big thing for me.. I need music to work it is more or less my fuel nowadays. Recently I been listening to this band called Black Violin; interesting stuff.

In your clothes there is always a feeling of darkness. Also in Finnish music this feeling of “melancholia” is very present. Do you think that being Finnish influence your style of designing?

I live in Finland. It is pretty dark here especially in the winter time. So of course the influences come around me.

Finnish design, the same than Finnish music, seem to be 2 of the main “exportable” features of Finland, being such a small country…

I hope there will be a bright future for us all.

Your clothes seem to be very “hot” for the young urban fellows in Finland. How did this fame come, did you have any kind of marketing campaign, or has it been more a kind of “word to mouth” phenomena?

I have no strategy or marketing campaign or profiled costumer. I only do clothes for my self to wear. I am really lucky that some people seem to like what I do.


Do you think that people in Finland are stylish or not? For example, there is always the eternal myth that Swedish people are much trendier than Finns…

We both have our own styles, but both just do it in our own way.

Do you care if famous people wear your designs, or basically you do not really give a fuck if somebody appears in a magazine wearing your clothes?

I am always happy if somebody wears my clothes. It doesn’t matter who she or he is.

What are the best and the worst comments that you remember about any of your design?

The best: “It’s like second skin” and the worst “I think you should…”   

What have been your most recent works, and which are your projects for the future?

My new SS09 gardens of O. D. P collection. I have also done some collaborations: a show with now office, jewels with Lauri Johannson and posters with Laura Laine. About the future I will have an exhibition in a couple of weeks in Belgrade and the starting to work with my new collection. So it’s going to be hectic again.

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