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Downstairs – Oh Father

{mosimage}Exploring different aspects of indie rock Downstairs have crafted the perfect serenade for noise-punk lovers.

Fugazi, At The Drive-In, …Trail Of Dead. Three main influences that have influenced tons of group playing noise-post-punk, the references that clearly emerge from the debut of Downstairs. Mixing the best of each band the Finnish quartet has crafted a very good album that travels at light-speed.Ten tracks for nearly 40 minutes, a killing cocktail of noise and melody assembled according to a not so canonical but very intriguing sonic scheme. Violent and abrasive without going over the top, Downstairs trap a primitive energy ready to explode at every moment.

Blending electronics, sharp riffs, desperate vocals and powerful drums, the four Finnish musicians prefer variegating the attacking front: there is a lot going on with sudden rhythm changes Shudder Shudder, derailing hits Pale Cannibals and crazy rides Peephole City.    An extremely solid effort for a group with clear potential and strong personality.

Rating 4/5.

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