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Anathema – Hindsights

{mosimage}Anathema offers in their new album an excellent collection of acoustic cover-compilation.


Vincent and Danny Cavanagh offer some old songs from Anathema, except the previously unreleased Unchained, this time played with an acoustic guitar. So basically what is offered here is nothing really new in their discography, but a new approach to their work. And the result is pretty fascinating. Great performances in every one of them, as an example take Leave No Trace, Angelica or A Natural Disaster. Background vocals are perfectly seized, and the inclusion of cello puts an emotive tone to the compositions.

Basically a must have for old and new fans of Anathema, although maybe some people who liked the old and more hardcore material from the British can feel disappointed here. In any case, this work sounds sophisticated and it really works as an acoustic project. A beautiful album.  


Rating 4/5.

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