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Sinä Elävä

{mosimage}“You, the Living” is the new film by Swedish director Roy Andersson.


From Sweden comes this movie, highly praised for the critics, as far as I have seen before putting my hands into reviewing it. Roy Andersson displays here a collection of situations, 50 or more, that have as common features a depressing atmosphere. Beings that feel trapped by their lives, with dreams that do not come true, and with surrealistic situations, are displayed in front of our eyes. It reminds me a bit of the style you can see in the great British animation series Monkey Dust. But while in that series, I cannot avoid to laugh my ass off, certainly this Andersson s movie resulted boring in the end. I lost concentration after the first twenty minutes, and my girlfriend did not even want to continue watching it until the end.


Maybe you need to have been born in a Scandinavian country to fully appreciate Andersson s irony, but for me basically the film did not mean much in the end. Many cinema critics who love to masturbate their minds with indie cinema will find the film delightful, but for me the most important thing is that a film is able to transmit something. And this Sinä Elävä just got me as cold as the chilly Swedish weather portrayed all over the film. If you are able to discover something in the film that I could not, I congratulate you.


Rating 2/5.

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