Elizabeth – The Golden Age

{mosimage}English Queen Elizabeth´s life is once more taken to cinema, again being Cate Blanchett the one responsible to impersonate her. 

It is difficult for me, being native Spanish, to give an objective opinion about the historical facts of the film. Obviously, the point of view is pretty pro-English, portraying the Spanish as dark people dressed in black and behaving like catholic zealots (which in part could be true). Nevertheless, what the English ships did against the Spanish float that traveled to America cannot be less than considered as simply piracy. In any case, good to see Jordi Mollá in the role of King Phillip the II of Spain. Every time he is given a minor role in a big super production, he knows how to show some classy actor´s skills. Hopefully he will get soon or later the big chance he deserves.

This movie do not have the astonishing battle scenes or thrilling action of some others, but nevertheless the strong point is to see the life in the English court, and the triangle of love among Cate Blanchett as the queen, Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh and Abbie Cornish as the sensual Queen´s maid, all of it observed by Geoffrey Rush.

Owen and Blanchett are enjoying a sweet moment in their careers, and the good chemistry when they share some sequences is the best of the movie. Forget other details like the unnecessary speech of the Queen to the troops before facing the Spanish Armada (why lately every historical movie must have a speech before a battle? "Braveheart´s effect" does not always work the same…) and enjoy the struggle of a powerful couple between their passions and dreams, and the love for their country and their compulsory duties.

Rate 3/5.