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Free Spirit – Pale Sister of Light

{mosimage}A young but superb band that is bringing melodic metal scene into a new level in Finland! 

If in 2008 I was pleasantly shocked by Brother Firetribe, this 2009 could have not started in a better way about Finnish melodic music, because Free Spirit blew me up!With no idea of what I was going to find in the album, I got literally hooked up from the first guitar riff. It sounds basically squared; well produced, with an excellent instrumental work and with the great voice Sami Alho.

In many moments of the album, the band reminds me of Blind Guardian but in a more melodic way, although there are some other times when the band gets closer to a darker tone similar to earlier HIM´s tunes. It is difficult to choose a favourite song in the album, because almost all of the 11 that compose it stand up by themselves, but I would highlight the one that gives name to the record Pale Sister of Light and the absolutely fantastic Heroes Don´t Cry. 

If you are into AOR, you are going to love this one. And if not, it is never too late to explore the melodic side of metal. Superb! 

Rating 5/5.

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