Halo 3 – Original Sountrack

{mosimage}More than just a game! The saga of Halo has totally broken boundaries in the videogames world since the launching of the first part in 2001.

Not so often times a single game is able to back up the purchase of a whole video console, but Bungie, the company that gave birth to Halo, did it possible. Amazing graphics, a great plot and tones of action available for the games lovers, especially if you wanted to play online.

The release of Halo 3 has become not less than worldwide phenomena, and obviously such an awaited game deserved a very special soundtrack. The guys of Bungie, Microsoft and Sumthing Else Music have done an excellent work this time, after facing some critics with the previous Halo 2 soundtrack, and counted with the outstanding collaboration of the award-winning composer Martin O´Donnell and Michael Salvatori for recording an amazing orchestrated score that would be worthy to be listened in any Hollywood super-production. A twenty-four voice choir and sixty piece orchestra that really make the difference with almost any videogame soundtrack you had listened before.

O´Donnell re-recorded some old themes from the previous soundtracks that sound fresh and better than ever with. A double CD with 27 tracks plus 4 bonus tracks that will get addicted to fans or not fans of Halo Saga. Quiet melodies in a perfect combination with others more electronic themes. You will love every second of it.

Rating 4/5