Hanna Pakarinen – Love in a Million Shades

{mosimage}The Finnish singer, who became very famous in her native country after representing it in the Eurovision song contest in Helsinki a few years ago, release her fourth studio album.



I think that Hanna was unfairly voted in the Eurovision song contest. Maybe she did not perform an amazing act to win, but she is still a singer with excellent vocal skills, like she shows once more in this new record filled with pop and soft rock and the unavoidable ballads.


With a sound that drinks from the 80s, Hanna offers a collection (not a big collection though, only 9 tracks) of easy-listening songs, where we could highlight the introductory Almost Real or the more rocking single Shout it Loud.


I still believe that the weak point is that the album is aimed mainly at a young female audience. Most of male listeners will find it too “soft” for rock and too cheesy for pop, although you can always use it to create a romantic atmosphere with candles and wine in a snowy winter night with some special company close to you.


The album is basically offering what you expect, no more no less, but it would be nice to see Hanna in the future rocking a bit wilder.


Rating 3/5