HIM – Venus Doom

{mosimage}The equally
beloved and hated Finnish band is back with possibly the most internationally
awaited Finnish album (with permission of Nightwish) of the year.

is the
sixth studio album for the band from Helsinki.
And His Infernal Majesty comes with a stronger and dirtier sound than
the previous one Dark Light, due in great part to the harder and more
predominant guitar riffs by Mikko “Linde” Lindström. But the band of the
heartagram is undoubtedly known overall by his charismatic vocalist Ville
. Valo explores again his darker registers and shouts to the micro,
transmitting the feeling that he feels more confident with his vocal skills now
that in previous years, and that enriches the sound of the album that reminds
for some moments their fist couple of records. But do not get confused. This is
not a heavy metal album even when some want to compare it to Black Sabbath
or Metallica. The “love metal” formula that has attracted so many young
listeners around the world (particularly many new female listeners) must keep
working, and for that heavy riffs have to get mixed in a considerable
proportion with pop style to create a balance that could satisfy (or repulse )
equally to rock and pop fans all over the world.

The album’s
first couple of tracks, Venus Doom and Love in Cold Blood come
out as two of the best to be highlighted, but later the rhythm of this powerful
beginning falls into more monotonous lyrics to rise again with my favourite
song in the album, Dead lovers´ lane with great vocal skills by Valo,
leading to a more than decent final part that keeps the quality up again with Bleed
and Cyanide Sun.

Probably we
will never have the same powerful and fresh sound from the first albums of HIM,
but this Venus Doom supposes a good effort to go one step farther in their rock
and metal roots and satisfy some of the fans who had turn the back to the
Finnish band during recent years. Not a bad trick.

Rating: 4/5