Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene in Moscow

{mosimage}Re-edition of the concert that the French musician celebrated in Moscow in 1997.

For those of you who have had the opportunity of visiting the Russian capital and taking a look at the façade of Moscow Stage University, you know how impressive the landscape can be. The huge building dominates the Russian capital from one hill, giving the impression that giants must be studying there. For those others who did not have the chance, they can at least have an approximated idea after watching this magnificent DVD that features the concert that Jean Michel Jarre offered to nearly 4 million inhabitants to celebrate the 850th anniversary of the city. The keyboardist and composer hosts an excellent electronic opera where there is space for a bit of everything: projections, laser harp, mind-blowing fireworks and the intervention of the Bolshoi Kids and the Red Army Choirs.

There is also some emotive moments like the moments of silence that Jarre asks from the Russian audience (in English counting with the help of a Russian translator) to dedicate to his friend Lady Diana, or the connection far beyond the sky with the cosmonauts of the MIR. As a great bonus, you can find an interesting documentary: The Making of Oxygene in Moscow that turns to be a perfect complement to a great show. If something can be criticised about the concert is the short length resulting after being edited: hardly 1 hour. But it is worth every minute of it!

Rating 4/5