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Kastor – Lost Station

{mosimage}Another Helsinki indie wonder? Kastor is ready to invade the alternative rock world with elegance and a bag full of nice tricks.  

In an indie slowly growing domestic panorama it is always intriguing to meet bands which are consciously aware of their sound, steering and shaping it instead of letting it control them. Kastor belong to this category and their latest offering Lost Station proves it. 

After the 2005 mini-album debut Invisible Triumph the Helsinki quintet returns with eleven tracks that explore the different angles of music with shades of pop and alternative rock fascinations. Soft music plots interweave bracing sonic diagonals, while the ethereal voice of Matias Koponen moves deftly between elegant instrumental nets and occasional shakes made by guitar and drums: the combination of these three basic elements gives life to the best track: Lost Station. Other outstanding tracks are the marriage between rock and electronic music of Melody I Hear in Your Heartbeat which reminds of Mew, the epic melancholy of Something Beautiful and the enjoyable nostalgia of Stop Stop.  

Kastor might be a surprise for those ones still new with the band, definitely a confirmation for those ones have witnessed their live performances. Something more than a simple hope. A very solid album indeed.


Rating 4/5.

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