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Laura Vuotilainen – Palaa

{mosimage}New album by the well-known Finnish artist from Jyväskylä.


Laura Vuotilainen is a well known singer in Finland, but probably outside her native boundaries, many people do not know much about her.


A former participant in Eurovision contest, in 2002 in Tallinn, she has hosted also her own TV show. She has a dilated career as musician, although maybe she can be a bit too “old fashioned” for the new generations of listeners who prefer to hail the incoming youngsters musicians from TV shows like Idols.

What you will find here is a collection of easy-listening songs, with the sensual voice of Laura featured all over the 10 tracks. If you want to have a soft approach to Finnish music, certainly songs like Monta Monta or Villiviini can be good options while holding a party at home with some friends. But the album does not take any risks, so here there is no place for surprises or improvisations.

Surely Laura will sell a good handful of albums among the adult Finnish audience, but there is not much left to excitement for young people who want to experiment new sensations in Finnish pop. Not a bad album, but just another album of Laura Vuotilainen, no more, no less.  

Rating 3/5.

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