Kotiteollisuus – Murheen mailla

{mosimage} triple CD with 47 songs that go all around the history of one of the hardest rock bands in Finland: Kotiteollisuus.

uxury design for this triple CD that features songs extracted from all the periods and stages through where these guys from Lappeenranta have gone. Leaded by the charismatic vocalist Jouni Hynynen (who happens to be a public celebrity in Finland, exploding his image of tough guy in TV series like Äijät together with Jone Nikula, or just writing about love and sex in his recent and widely promoted book Rakkaudella, Hynynen, the band launches what could have been perfectly a normal double CD, with all the singles and radio hits condensed in the second one, plus the special gift of a third one that collects the B-sides.

Maybe, at the end, it turns to be a bit overcooked and the compilation could have been just put into two discs, but undoubtedly there will be many fans that will feel more than pleased with all the amount of rare material poured inside the black covers of the album. If you have gone to parties or rock bars in Finland (and we bet you have…), or just listened to rock channels on the radio, it is impossible that you cannot recognize any of the hits of the band; a huge collection that includes titles like Helvetista Itään, Minä olen, Kaihola, Jos Sanon, Vieraan Sanomaa, Tuonelan Koivut or Arkunnaula, for putting some examples of the most successful ones. Songs that are able to dig deep inside your brain with strong but catchy choruses that will turn you soon or later into a(nother) believer of Kotiteollisuus´faith, based on spreading a good doses of raw punk-rock music all over Finland.

If you are tired of heavy singers who look like dolls and want some real men with hair on the chest, Kotiteollisuus is your Finnish band (and if you prefer the glamour of angelical looks and evil voices, remember that Sebastian Bach has just released his new album too…). I personally love the second CD of the compilation, and surely the list of songs will bring good memories to more than one listener.

Rating 4/5