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Kung Fu Panda

{mosimage}The last creation from Dreamworks is an incredible animation movie full of humour, martial arts and all the magic of ancient China. 

We are certainly having a golden age about great quality animation movies released in DVD. If a few days ago we could enjoy the adventures of the little robot Wall-E, now a friendly but masterful at Kung-Fu Panda will delight all the family at the home screens. And it counts with some scenes that will remain in your memory for long time. For example,  the escape of Tai Lung from jail is one of the most thrilling moments I have experienced watching a film in the last months. Kung Fu Panda has a good plot, it is intelligent, the characters are marvellously portrayed and it is technically a new step forward in the evolving animation world. But not only that, the work of the actors lending their voices to the characters is amazing; an astonishing list that involves Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan or Lucy Liu

If we have to put a “but”, I would say that the story seems short with only 1 hour and 28 minutes, leaving you angry for more (a sequel maybe will appear soon in the horizon?). Maybe Kung Fu Panda is not as deep, romantic and bittersweet as Wall-E, but as a product of entertainment for children and adults, it surely ranks very high in the animation genre. Funny, intelligent and worthy to see! 

Rating 4/5.    

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