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Land of Tales – Land of Tales

{mosimage}The Finnish guys feature their self-titled debut album with a sound that will remind you of the rock from the 80s.


Land of Tales is a band led by Kristian (Juhan Kontu) on the vocals and guitar and Palle (Harri Lehtonen), and certainly you can notice that when listening to their debut album, because it is the keyboards and the guitar riffs the ones that steal the show here to the other instruments. The other two members of the band are Sami on the Bass and Sami O. on the drums.

It seems that looking back to the American sound of the 80s, with so many nice melodic bands, is becoming a trend in Finland. If few weeks ago we were talking to you about the virtues of Brother Firetribe, now Land of Tales seem to follow the same path. Although being their first album, the musicians are experienced in the music business. Kristian and Palle have been playing together for 15 years in a previous band called Naiskala. About the record, it certainly has everything you can expect if you like the genre: catchy lyrics, some excellent cutting riffs, good melodies, nice vocals skills by Kristian and a couple of songs that can work perfectly as hits like the introductory Silence or the blowing Slow Waters. Outlander could fit perfectly in the soundtrack of a Hollywood romantic comedy.

An album easy to listen and easy to like. Let´s see what Land of Tales will offer in follow-up projects, but the first impression is certainly very positive.  


Rating 4/5.

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