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Mar de Grises – Draining the Waterheart

{mosimage}From Chile with love, or better said, with Doom metal, come the 5 components of Mar de Grises.

The music of Mar de Grises suits very well with Finnish taste: dark metal with good doses of melancholy. No wonder that the South American band would be visiting recently the Finnish territory to play on live.  Four years after their first studio album, they release a good, more polished and solid work that is just collecting good critics and reviews from fans and publications all over the world. 

It is not easy from South American metal bands to jump the Atlantic Ocean and make a name in Europe , so it is doubly praising the risky attitudes of Juan, the vocalist, and his 4 fellows companions.  I must recognize that I am not a great fan myself of Doom metal style, and I prefer more classic melodic metal, but for those of you who vibrate with the dark side of the heavy music, no doubt you will enjoy with songs like Sleep Just One Dawn or Kilometros de Nada.

Good luck to the Chilean guys in all their future projects!

Rating 4/5.

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