Nickelback – Dark Horse

{mosimage}After having sold 8 million copies of their previous albums, it is about time to see if the Canadians can keep up with the expectations.


For the sixth studio album of one of the most successful rock bands of the last decade, nothing better than investing on a sure value like producer Mutt Lange, who has worked among others with a “little” band called ACDC, to achieve a clean and quality sound.


What you have here is pretty simple: if you are a follower of Nickelback, you still will love this. If you hate them, this album is not going to change your mind. But certainly there are differences between Dark Horse and its predecessors.


The band has adopted a tougher and more “sleazy tone”, with lyrics more focused on one night stands and sex, like in the introductory Something in Your Mouth or in (the title says everything) S.E.X. There are still pretty nice mid-tempo ballads like the excellent Gotta Be Somebody or I´d Come For You, so the female audience can still count with Nickelback as one of their favorite ones, but certainly the band can find new followers among fans of bands like Deff LeppardMötley Crue or Aerosmith with the more mischievous tone of the new album.


I like this taste from the 80s that the album exhales, although the lyrics composition has decreased in quality from their previous work All The Right Reasons and sometimes they are plainly too simple, like aimed at 15 years old kids. But still, the album is catchy and Chad Kroeger is brilliant in the vocals, so I must not less than giving them a good rate.


Rating 4/5.