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Noheva – Pikatie

{mosimage}Debut album by the band from Oulu leaded by Jarkko Somero.

Coming from northern Oulu, Noheva lets the coldness aside and introduce us a more than recommendable warm debut album. With Jarkko Somero in the vocals, Jarno Nyman in the guitar, Mika Heiskanen as bassist and Arto Ek as drummer, Pikatie offers a good dosis of rock and roll and good stories in Finnish languages for those eager to listen to honest music. As the good wines that must be tasted step by step. The beginning of the album is quite calm with Panttilainaamossa, but when advancing in the tracklist, the guitar riffs acquire a bigger dimension and Somero starts to unveil some good vocal skills in front of the micro in songs like Kaipaan Sua, the catchy Miksen mä mee or the track that puts an excellent end to the album, the homonymous  Pikatie.

Songwriting, as it is traditional with the Finnish bands, is of an excellent quality. Songs about problems and feelings that soon or later we all have passed through. The melancholic Finnish spirit mixed with a warm feeling, with some compositions that could transport you into past summer days and old missed friendships; Pikatie reminds us that there is always a path to follow and the one Noheva has chosen is the correct one. Great work from the Oululaiset!

Rating 4/5

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