Noxa – Grind Viruses

{mosimage}Stay Heavy Records have signed one of the most exotic bands to step into Finnish festivals last months: the Indonesian Noxa.

Noxa became known for some heavy metal Finnish bands after having the chance to play in last Tuska festival in Helsinki, as well as having other gig scheduled in Tampere. The story of the band is peculiar, since they were discovered in a previous edition of Tuska festival when they travelled all way from Indonesia just to assist to what they considered as the best metal festival in the world. No doubt that the chance to be a part of the fun and perform on stage must have been a milestone in the lives of these Indonesian.  

What you have here is their second album, and what we can say about it… if you see the tracklist you will be impressed cause it comprises no less than 31 tracks + 4 videos! A collection of fast and furious grindcore songs that last no more than 2 minutes. Listen to Brutally Murder or Sinetron Sucks and you will have an idea what to expect. Noxa just like to shoot straight to your brains killing riffs and brutal sounds. A good effort by the Asian fellows, and certainly an exotic note to include in your collection if you like grindcore.


Rating 3/5.