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{mosimage}Directed by J.A. Bayona and supported by Benicio del Toro, here comes the last hit from Spanish film industry.

Orpokoti (originally titled El Orfanato) continues with the good tradition of international attention and promotion for Spanish films set the previous years by Del Toro´s Pan´s Labyrinth. Belen Rueda is the main star of this thriller with touches of drama and terror, and we cannot say less than she is splendid. Well known for her work in TV series, she has been able to adapt perfectly to working in the big screen (you can see her also in the superb Meri Sisälläni with Javier Bardem) and in her maturity, she still looks naturally beautiful and delightful, but with a strong presence on screen and a big inner force.

Fernando Cayo and Roger Princep in the Laura´s husband and son roles are fresh surprises, although the special mention goes for the short but shocking guest appearance of Geraldine Chaplin.

If you like the same kind of movies than The Sixth Sense or The Others, where the real world and the dimension where ghosts wander get mixed and cohabit, surely you will enjoy with this Orpokoti. Solid acting skills, solid script, solid scenarios and some breathtaking moments that surely will make you feel goose pimples.

Rating 4/5.

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