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{mosimage}High quality black and white animation (in most parts of the movie) for this raw vision of the life of a young Iranian girl.

Not, as more than one Finnish could have thought if freely translating the title, Persepolis has nothing to do with something similar to “city of ass”. On the other hand, it touches very sticky topics with honesty, humor and an intelligent approach. The film is based on the comics by Marjane Satrapi, and has counted with her together with director Vincent Paronnaud to transport the magic of the paper onto the big screen. Big international names like Chiara Mastroianni or Catherine Deneuve lent their voices to the characters.

Persepolis is obviously not an animation movie for children. The trip of young Marjane Satrapi from Iran to Vienna, and back to Iran until her new leave to France is raw and bitter, more often sad than happy, but also refreshing. A good lesson about how extremists are dangerous in whatever society, how wars create so much pain and fractures, and how lonely and alienated a person can feel abroad when a part of his/her roots are left behind. An excellent film to reflect and follow the instructions of wise Marjane´s grandmother.

Rating 4/5.

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