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Play Like a Pro – Best Roulette Strategy Advice

Roulette is an age old famous card game that has been around since before land base casinos came into existence. It is currently one of the most played casino games online according to statistics and due to its simple nature, players are able to comprehend the game and learn the basics in a matter of moments. In all likelihood this may be the sole reason players have taken to roulette. The table game can be found in almost every online casino and popular online casino brands such as NoviBet offer variants of the game to keep things interesting. So, if you want to visit website  and experience the very essence of what makes roulette so famous, take this advice with you so you can win every time.

Understand the Game

Although roulette is a table game based most on luck and anyone can play, including those that have never played before or those without any knowledge of the game, one of the best strategies or things you could do for yourself is learn the rules  to better understand the game.


Based on a wheel and where the ball will land on the wheel, players often forget that the aim of the game is to guess the outcome of where the ball will land. Getting caught up in various roulette strategies is your first mistake. Focus on how the game world and place your bet without pondering wondering how the pros play, focus on only the wheel and the ball.

Manage Your Bankroll

Don’t bet everything all at once. Many first time players make this mistake and ultimately never want to play roulette again. For the first few spins keep your bets small and frequent. If you get lucky don’t assume you will get lucky again and bet everything on the next spin.

Free Roulette Games

A number of online casinos offer free games which can be accessed for practising purposes. Use these game to familiarize yourself with roulette and how the betting aspect works. Once you feel comfortable enough to move on, you will find that betting will come naturally and you won’t feel intimidated by the unknown.

Choosing the Right Roulette Variant

As there are a number of variants and you wouldn’t want to learn all the rules of each game on day 1, you need to choose a variant and go with the rules designed for the game. As a beginner playing European roulette is a better choice than American roulette. The American variant of the game has an extra slot featuring 00, the extra slot ultimately adds more options to the game and decreases the odds of winning by 1. The house edge, this is the amount the casino keeps for each play, is doubled in American roulette meaning your winnings are halved in this variant.

Remember to have fun. Most beginners don’t win the first time round, so don’t expect much and play for the fun of it, eventually you will hit luck!

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