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Samuli Putro – Elämä on juhla

{mosimage}Putro, well known in Finland due to his belonging to Zen Café, goes solo with this debut album.

One thing that probably you must be aware of is that if you do not speak or understand Finnish, probably you are not going to enjoy this album. Putro, a very popular character in Finland due to his work with the great Zen Café, shows his strength in the lyrics composition. Elämä on juhla is an album very classic in the way of showing a musician, his guitar and a collection of intimate tunes where he cries his soul out. And Putro certainly is a great song writer… in Finnish. So if you do not master the language, it is difficult you are going to get something clear from this.

Otherwise, the album express the “Finnish melancholia” trademark, if not just listen to some tracks like Helismaa or Elämä on Juhla, so do not expect to feel like going to party after listening to this, even when its title is “Life is a party”, although some songs are a bit more light-hearted like On elettävä huolella. What you will find is acid and clever lyrics in Finnish, and a Samuli Putro that goes closer to your heart with a more personal work. Putro delivers nothing too surprising, but a good album nevertheless.

Rating 3/5.

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