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{mosimage}The Savages are a brother and a sister who have to face the difficult task of taking care of their aging father.

Director Tamara Jenkins puts on the table a topic that affects to most of us at same point of our busy lives: how to take care of our aging parents. In this case, the brother and sister affected are no others than Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Both splendid in their roles, I must confess that although I am a big fan of Seymour, in this movie is Linney who steals most of the attention from the camera.

There are some raw moments in the film like at the beginning with the father playing with his excrements, but there is also a place for some dark sense of humor. It is actually quite funny how the brother and sister are so absorbed trying to kick off their careers, so most of the time looks like the old sick father (Philip Bosco) is the one with more common sense of the Savages.

A good movie with good doses of human touch, something often missed in Hollywood. A plot that make us reflect that sometimes we are forgetting the most important things in life, as family is, for getting artificial successes in our lives.

Rating 3/5.

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