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Shamrain – Goodbye to All That

{mosimage}Third album for the Finnish Shamrain. Quite an unknown band that deserves better luck due to the high quality of their compositions.

Apart from heavy metal bands, the Finnish market has received a flood of bands trying to imitate with better or worse luck the brit-pop mainsteam groups, especially because of the action of one of the most popular independent music brands in the country.  In the overwhelmed market of pop-rock Finnish bands singing in English, it is a fresh and unusual experience  to find a band like Shamrain.

Maybe it is because of that “melancholic touch” that all good Finnish band must have to succeed, maybe the inspiration of the lyrics written mostly by bassist Matti Reinola and guitarist Kalle Pyyhtinen, or just due to the transparent voice of Mika Tauriainen (who is also the lead singer in Entwine, where he can explode harder registers). Clear influences from bands like Placebo or Radiohead, a very high level composition and songwriting in tracks like Shallow Delusion or Evangeline, with a Tauriainen that just for some seconds can remind you of Ville Valo like during the first part of  Stars Will Fall.

We wish the best of lucks to Shamrain and hope that their new collaboration with Spikefarm Records will materialize in the success that this Goodbye to All That deserves.

Rating 4/5

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