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Stardust (Tähtisumua)

{mosimage}A beautiful fantasy tale with a lot of love, humor, and one of the sexiest witches of film history: Michelle Pfeiffer.


I must recognize that I have a special weakness for fantasy tales. It can be Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth…etc. Saying so, I have to say that Stardust is probably the movie that I enjoyed the most in cinema theaters during last year. Saying so, I cannot less than praise this DVD edition.

The cast is superb, with the nice surprise of Charlie Cox as Tristan, and the always beautiful and angelical presence of Claire Danes, who really looks like coming from a star. But the show is stolen by the most veteran stars: Michelle Pfeiffer who looks deliciously sexy in her comeback to the big screen, repeating role as a witch 20 years after making the life impossible to Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick, and Robert de Niro who explodes again his comical side with a really hilarious role as the homosexual pirate captain of a ship that sails across the space. He is probably the best in the whole movie, and that is to say a lot, since there are many good features to highlight in Vaughn´s film.

The script is great, landscapes are astonishing, the magic atmosphere is credible, and the secondary character´s list is impressive and make the story dynamic, as the evil brothers (with Rupert Everett there included) that one after another become special guests of the story as ghosts , the always incredible Peter O´Toole as the dying king,  or  Siena Miller as the beautiful girl to whom Tristan promised love in first term make a rounded movie, that can be enjoyed every minute of it for 2 hours. Run and get it, since it will be one of the releases of the year 2008 in DVD!

Rate: 5/5. 

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