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Step Brothers

{mosimage}Ferrell and Reilly are back together in another hilarious movie featuring two jaded step Brothers who behave… like still being 7.


One of my favorite comedies in the last years is Talladega Nights, so no wonder I was expecting what Reilly and Ferrell could bring to the show this time. Well, actually I must admit I got a bit disappointed the first time I watched this movie, but I appreciated it more the second time I played it. Obviously, if you are into more deep and philosophical cinema, you are not going to like the easy humor displayed here. Jokes that have to do with shit, sex, bad behavior and a lot of lack of maturity. But if you are a fan of Ferrell’s movies, you will enjoy this one too. The best moments are usually when Brennan`s brother and his wife are around, apart from the exhilarating scene of the nuts sack all over the drum kit.  

Not the best comedy these guys have done, but it is worthy a few good laughs!


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: I love the T shirts that the main characters wear all over the movie.


The worst: That a gang of children in a park can make you literally eat shit


The detail: In the final song Por ti Volare, both Ferrell and Reilly are actually performing.


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