The Dandy Warhols – …Earth to the Dandy Warhols…

{mosimage}13 tracks compose the new sixth studio album by a band that seems to be more and more on shape with every new released work. 

The band from Portland is back, after having built a solid career with their first albums in the 90s. What you have here is a solid album, almost flawless, that shows the musical evolution of a band that has got to play its cards brilliantly. The World the People Together is a blowing starting track for the record, the sound is catchy and vigorous, and it really makes you move your feet even without noticing. Although this is a rock album, The Dandy Warhols play with different approaches that make the songs sound funky and even electronic, a real effective remedy against boredom, so the record sounds dynamic all along every track. Taylor-Taylor´s vocal skills master the album offering different registers that can make his voice evolve you, or sound sexily dangerous like in Mission Control; and added to this, for placing the cherry on top of the cake, the album counts with the collaboration of Mr. Mark Knopfler and guitarist Mike Campbell in the delicious Love Song. 

A pretty recommendable album and a great step for the American guys. 

Rating 4/5.