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The Darjeeling Limited

{mosimage}American director Wes Anderson gets us immersed in a spiritual trip around India following the misadventures of three brothers.

I must confess that Wes Anderson must be probably my favorite one from the new generation of young American directors. His previous works are among my favorite movies ever, so I had big expectations for this The Darjeeling Limited. In many senses, I did not get disappointed: Anderson´s portray of the three brothers is made step by step using the colorful palette of India all over their trip by train and later by foot. The Indian landscape is lovely and excitingly present all over the movie, and the acting of Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody is well measured and rounded.

This is a movie 100% Wes Anderson´s, and his favorite features and trademarks like slow motion captures of the action or his personal sense of humor, always on the edge of became depressing, are here. Nevertheless, this is a darker movie than his previous ones, and the lightness and the comedy touches of films like Rushmore are not so present here. The product is much deeper and touches sticky topics like death, twisted family relations, loneliness and miscommunication.  I missed a bit more of interaction during the short encounter with the mother (Angelica Huston), and the film turned to be a bit too short in the end.

All in all, if you like Anderson´s previous works, The Darjeeling Limited will not disappoint you; script is meticulously developed into a fascinating journey to enlighten the souls, and same than in real life, things usually do not turn as planned and expected to be. Special mention also to the cameos by Bill Murray and Natalie Portman, who sexily appears also in the short-film that serves as introduction to the movie: Hotel Chevalier.

Rating 4/5.

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