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The pick and the stick


Foreigner gave an excellent show, although I thought that they could
have chosen a better repertoire, taking into account that it was their first
visit to
Estonia. In any case, every time I go to a
rock concert and wander around the first rows, the idea of catching a guitar
pick crosses my mind. It must be my collector’s side, but I find these small
rewards almost as good as interviewing bands face to face. I was surprised
about the huge amount of young girls in the first rows; I was kind of expecting
older heavy metal guys in leather jackets, but that made easier the movements
to reach the precious pick. To catch a guitar pick in a concert is a bit of an
art: you have to analyze the situation and the artists´atittudes. There are the
kinds of musicians who throw one hundred guitar picks in every show (like Malmsteem or the members of Whitesnake). In that case, the strategy
is just to reach first rows, be alert, and soon or later a pick will be in your
hand. But there is nothing so rewarding like getting one pick where only a few
chosen ones can have the good luck. That was the case with Foreigner. I waited
until the end of the show, gazed at the roadie giving a handful of 3-4 picks to
the guitar player located in front of me, advanced using my elbows a bit in
front of him…and Bingo! The pick is mine! A taste of rock glory in my pocket!

Later, it was the turn of Alice Cooper. I seem to be doomed when it is
about Alice Cooper’s concerts. 3 years ago I missed them in
Tampere when I already had bought my
ticket, and this time I could see only half of the show, since we had to catch
a bus at night. The point is that there I am, in fourth or fifth row, preparing
my girlfriend’s camera to take an excellent picture, concentrated that no arms
are in the middle between Alice and me…and, bang! I noticed something hitting my
head. He had thrown his stick directly to the zone where I was, and I did not
notice. So no picture and no stick… It must be that burnt witches do not like
much to be captured in photographies. Behind me, a total war was taking place,
with people fighting, pushing, almost punching, beers flying around… so it
was totally impossible to take the stick. Well, fortunately no big damage in my
forehead, but I had the glory so close…

It was time to leave, and all in all, 2 excellent rock shows and one
more guitar pick to add to my small but cosy collection. If you have the chance
to go and see Foreigner next Thursday in
Helsinki, just go ahead!

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