The rough guide to the music of Japan

{mosimage}Lovers of traveling and enjoying new cultures must be happy with the series of music rough guides, centered this one in Japan.

Japan: an amazing country that combines history with modernity. But also the cradle for a huge and often unknown music scene. Trying to shine a light and spreading some more knowledge of Japanese music, The Rough Guide has edited this year their musical guide to Japan. Far from genres like pop, rock or no theater, the 18 tracks that combine the album are predominantly focused on a pseudo-folk style. I could highlight as some of my favorite tracks Subayado Bushi by Nami Makiota or East of Kunashiri by OKI Dub Ainu Band.

The eclecticism of the album is good and bad at the same time, because you can pass instantly from listening to the saddest of the melodies to a new one full of joy. As in every compilation where many different bands are gathered, this probably will disappoint those of you who already have some knowledge about Japanese music and want to go deeper, but it will be an excellent first contact for the other many (me included) who still have to learn a lot about the fascinating Japanese music scene.

Rating 3/5