The Sorrow – Origin of the Storm

{mosimage}From Austria comes this metalcore band with a great follow-up album for the delight of the fans!

The Sorrow is not an unknown band in Finland, They have been playing around in different big summer festivals in the past, and count with a good bunch of followers, although their strongest audiences are still in Germany and Austria. After the great album debut Blessings from a Blackened Sky in 2007, here comes the follow-up work.

What you will find here is quite a “melodic” metalcore. The shouts and heavy riffs are present, but still it is something that most of metal fans can enjoy with no effort. Some highlighted tracks in the album are for my taste Heaven is no place for us or Tempestuous. If you like bands like Killswitch Engage or even In Flames, this can be your cup of tea.

The Sorrow do not really add much new to the genre, neither they are an extra-skilled band. But what they do, they do it well, and their direct style is easy to be enjoyed by metal fans. A decent second studio album for the Austrians! 

Rating 3/5.