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These dolls are on fire!!!


They are young, pretty, and spicy… and they also know how to rock! In FREE! Magazine we have always paid special attention to the hottest female rock bands, like in our previous interviews with The Donnas or Stalingrad Cowgirls. Now, straight from Hell-sinki, Kaisa, the guitarist of Barbe-Q-Barbies, kindly talks about her band and their last awesome experiences, like opening for legendary W.A.S.P. this summer.

Hello Kaisa. thanks for your answers. Can you explain a bit how did you get to know each other and started with the band?

I first got to know our drummer Niina when we worked at the same video rental store in 2000. Niina and I played in another band before Barbe-Q-Barbies but somehow that didn’t catch fire…  Niina, Ekkis and our former bassist Katriina had already formed the Barbies when I joined in 2002 (or was it 2003?).


The name of the band is quite original, who has the idea?

The idea came from Niina, it originates from the Soundgarden-video Black Hole Sun, where a little girl barbeques a Barbie-doll.

Was it planned from the beginning that you wanted to form a “girls `band”? Why not male members in the formation?

I think so, one of the main points besides playing fierce rock’n’roll is the fact that we all are women.

How is Helsinki as a place for living and playing there? Are you all originally from Helsinki, or were your born somewhere else?

Helsinki is a good place for bands, there are quite many places for gigs here and it’s easy to find people with the same enthusiasm for rock as we have. I’m originally from Oulu (in northern Finland) though.

Is there any difference in Finland to play rock being women instead of men? I mean, do you consider that it is easier, the same or more difficult to reach the audience, promoters and book gigs? 

I guess it still is – and will be for a long time- an eccentric thing for women to play rock. However, the point isn’t that we try to do things like our male counterparts do, but our aim is to add some special flavor to the soup.  Of course it sometimes may be easier to get attention as a female band, just because there aren’t those many… But the fact remains, if people don’t like your stuff, they soon lose interest and stop coming to the gigs and buying your records, no matter what sex you are.

How would you define your music style for new people who want to get to know you? Do you have any/several bands that have influenced you directly?

Something old, something new…” In my opinion our music has that raunchy vibe of the r’n’r bands of the 70’s but there also is something from this millennium. Think of The Runaways, Blondie, AC/DC and Foo Fighters getting together. Hmm, how many members would that be…?

What do you think of other female rock bands in Finland, like Stalingrad Cowgirls?{mosimage}

I think they have a good thing going on. Still, in spite of the same sex, I think we have quite different style. There definitely is, and should be, room for many female bands in Finland and outside Finland too.

You were opening the concert for legendary WASP at the beginning of August. How was the experience? Did you have chance to meet them and talk to them?

It was a great experience, opening for them and playing in a big stage like Teatria in Oulu. Somehow you suddenly feel like 3 meters tall when rocking in a huge stage like that. We actually had a chance to meet with the guys after their gig, they all seemed very nice and easy-going fellas. We didn’t meet Blackie though which was a pity!

Do you dedicate completely to music, or do you have other activities (jobs, hobbies)?

It’s a shame that we can’t pay your rent just by playing rock… yet. But who knows, maybe someday… At the moment I also work full time at the university, other than that, I like to go to gigs and movies. I like traveling too, if only I had the time and money to do that more often… 

Do men find it “sexy” when you comment that you play in a rock band?

Well, the better if it tickles your pickle… 

What are your future plans during this year?

Writing songs, doing gigs, searching for the right record label and doing a little trip in November.

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