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Tiara – Manala

{mosimage}Tiara aka Tiia Marjanen is here with her first studio album trying to make history and break through as the Finnish representative for Eurovision song contest. 

The young singer, born in Rovaniemi and resident in Helsinki, is nowadays one of the participants in the contest to choose the Finnish representative in Eurovision. Remember that since the victory of Lordi, Eurovision and everything around the contest has a big media coverage, so Tiara is the center of many looks nowadays in Finland.Taking advantage of this, here goes her first full-length album Manala. Rhythms very danceable with a lot of electronics in the background make the album suitable for the dance floors of the Finnish pubs. Sometimes she reminds me a bit of Maija Vilkkumaa, although I still prefer the vocal skills of the later. 

The album has some notable tracks like Jääkuningatar or Kolmiodraama, but in general I must admit that it is not my cup of tea. Too much predictable not adding much to the scene. The album sounds right, but the question is “was is needed?” I am sure Tiara will find her good legion of followers, and I must not less than praise the efforts of young singers that try to make their way into the competitive music scene, but maybe producers and people of the Finnish music industry would need to recycle their ideas if they do not want the pop-rock scene sound just like a repetitive sonata.

Rating 2/5.

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